A Message from the Chairman of Endeavorist

I am so excited to be launching the Endeavorist.org Open Beta!  We’ve spent the past two years developing a remarkable platform, and I am so proud of what our small and dedicated team has accomplished. We all believe the future of science is about to change for the better, in a BIG way!

Our mission is very simple: To democratize the pursuit of knowledge and drive scientific endeavor. We hope to achieve this by harnessing the power of the people! Crowdsourcing the information, financial, scientific, and human resources needed to enable new discoveries. We’ve created a free and open online network to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, that will fan the flame of curiosity that’s inherent within us all.

Human beings live to learn. Our brains are wired for curiosity. We are relentlessly driven to seek, build, and communicate new knowledge with each other. And the domain of discovery is not limited only to the academic establishment, science labs, or government agencies. It’s a power that belongs to all of us. Throughout the history of our species, many of the greatest discoveries have been made without formal research grants or institutional oversight. The compounding accrual of these discoveries has led the world to gather tremendous knowledge, culminating in scientific and technological breakthroughs that help us all lead better lives. Of course, it can’t be denied that the modern institutionalization of science has served to support fantastic achievements – many of which have created improvements in medicine, space exploration, new technologies, and more. However, that institutionalized system has also created a structure that is closed and proven to be somewhat fragile under growing global and economic pressures. This bureaucratic establishment has also created an exclusionary atmosphere with arcane rules, political agendas, and high-wire economics that have led to the stifling of open science on a worldwide scale.

Our goal is to tear down the red tape and expand the scientific tent to include more scientists, students, citizens and industry, collaborating in new ways to drive discovery. We want to gather people with curiosity and passion so that, together, we can unlock the doors of institutions and the minds of those who’ve wielded a tight grip on our research processes, in order to democratize the pursuit of knowledge.

To meet this goal, we have built the world’s first curiosity network; a comprehensive social platform built to engage more people than ever before, in the act and spirit of science. There are many instances throughout history where the smallest of discoveries transformed into the greatest of breakthroughs. That’s why all curious endeavors are welcome on our platform. From citizen-science to exploring the cosmos, we’ll never know what extraordinary answers may lie around the corner unless we give every question a voice. Simply put, we created Endeavorist with you in mind, and we know that, together, we can enable new discoveries that will benefit every person on our planet. And perhaps someday… beyond!

Please join us on our quest and become an endeavorist. We know there’s one in you.


Tom Matthews

Chairman & Cofounder

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